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s**t, what now?

  • #observation

"Finally, I'm done with a majority of the website. I can finally put whatever I want in it. Now what?"

This exact situation has happened to me a multitude of times. Even pre-NeoCities Josef happened to stumble into this. Thinking of stuff to write is hard. Especially in a situation like this: "behind in school, no new project happening, mentally drained everyday". I kid (mostly), but man is it a bummer working on something for a whole day only for it to lay dead in its tracks with no content.

I suppose you could add more shitpost-esque pages but with blogging/writing being one of the main things I want to setup and write, it leaves an empty feeling deep inside. But alas, we must stick to plastering Alula all over this website. Maybe Calamus was a better option to put here.