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Welcome websurfer! Take a look around and admire the view. A whole ton of OneShot sprites, that's for sure.

For better or for worse, I typically go on Twitter a lot more than update on here. I try my best to make my websites as accessible as possible using WebAIM's Wave.

Trying to contact me? Email me at jacktrepping at proton dot me. I'll check back as soon as I can. Want to leave this page as soon as possible? Check out the webrings on the sidebar. They're bound to better than this. Want to try finding my house address? Check out my about page to find some personally identifiable information™.

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Updates ยป

NO MORE SCHOOL! For like weeks by now. After about 2 months of dormancy, let's see what I've been up to. What? Nothing? Huh.

Yeah. Sorry to leave you hanging like this again. The cycle of finally being done with your website and then having nothing to do strikes again. Programming in general stopped being an interest of mine with the need to focus on my final wrap-up of the school year.

Restructuring "words" into an HTML Journal. Although not many looked at it, it's a fun idea I'd like to continue, with the use of HTML Journal. Now actually doing it and continuing it, that's another problem.

Thanks to the people sticking around for this. Hope next time I have more to show off next show-and-tell. Till then, keep being cool nerds.

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