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You take a break from walking and admire the view. A sign reads:

Welcome websurfer! Why not stay here for a while? Navigate through some pages, read a lot. The whole thing maybe.

Not a fan of the page? How about a little game of chess?

Niko Chessboard Silver

Still not a fan? *sigh* If you must, you can go through the webrings on the sidebar and go to another website. Don't forget to-- and they're gone.

Updates ยป

Guess who got into the Yesterweb webring? It's me. Of course it's me. Who did you think it was? Air?

On a different note, I'm on the tailend of the school year (not American finals, but I mean they're technically my last tests before summer so...) and I can't afford to use a lot of my time on here (*cough* ignore me being on Discord 24/7) for my final projects. Hopefully, by the time I'm out of school, I can muster something up to show off here. Probably not, but at least I can do nothing for 100% of the day!

The new redesign should be up and running! Hopefully I won't regret this one in 4 minutes. In all seriousness, I'm quite happy with this layout although I am a bit scared for anybody on a less performant machine. Please do email me at jacktrepping at proton dot me if you're having problems and I'll remove and try to update it ASAP!

A majority of this site's design is heavily inspired (but everything on this site was written by me) on EGGRAMEN's site design so that's someone I want to thank and credit! If you're reading this, you cool.

FYI, you can still access the old website at /versions/the_classic. Happy surfing!

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