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Hello! I'm Josef. The webmaster who runs josef's neocities zone!

I try to remain as anonymous and privacy conscious as possible at all times, so sorry if this is a bit underwhelming as an about page.

OneShot is one of my favourite games ever as you can clearly see by the multitude of references I put here. I also listen to a lot of C418. Like an unhealthy amount. But I mean you can't tell me 148 isn't a beautiful album.

Honestly, I can't dig up anything else interesting to put here so here's a Q&A I put together in anticipation and for the reason of wanting to ramble on.

Questions + Answers

How'd you get into NeoCities?

I got into NeoCities trying to find a website to make a road sign generator. After being bored for a bit, I ran across a NeoCities link and what led to it was sparkles, imood statuses, autoplaying music, and GIFs galore. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I can't find it anymore due to me switching Firefox profiles and the browser history being like drowned out by 4 months worth of web browsing.

Although even before that, I was always fascinated by Japanese ISP websites. Which sound exactly like what they are. Even if I couldn't read them by heart, seeing all the images and Japanese text was really charming imagining someone just updating their new blog for all their friends to see, whoever they might be.

How'd you learn HTML/CSS/JS?

As opposed to a majority of users on this site, I did not infact learn HTML/CSS for the purpose of making websites on here! Before this, I was super into making Discord bots. DEFINITELY NOT PRODUCTION READY, but learning the aspects of JavaScript one by one was fun! That was my kickstart with JavaScript basically. I continued with a Codecademy course and the rest is history.

My HTML/CSS knowledge started out mostly from little tidbits of information from my curiosity around the web although I gradually went into MDN's Getting started with the web guide to expand my knowledge more. Do recommend.

What do you use to write/code your website?

Visual Studio Code! Not a fan of the telemetry they send though so VSCodium if you care enough about privacy to warrant needing it. Exact same, but just built from source w/o telemetry to Microsoft.

As much as I'm retroactively nostalgic for the old web, I am 100% not into making stuff harder for myself. Fair enough if you take the challenge of making a website like this without any CLI tools integrated + Emmet but I seriously cannot live without it since I've basically been making websites even before NeoCities.

Influences on your site design?

A lot of this is heavily based on EGGRAMEN's site layout although none of it was copy-pasted verbatim. Weirdly enough, Baba Is You was why I picked this accent colour. Of course, the OneShot characters plastered on here are from, you guessed it, OneShot. And last but not least, Obspogon for inspring the black-on-accent-color style I used for the majority of this site as a whole. Thanks guys.

Anything I should remember before leaving?


Okay, bit intimidating but my point still does stand. It's harder for webmasters getting their bandwidth EATEN UP by a much bigger website hotlinking buttons. Might seem like nothing in the grand scheme of things but it does add up and please just do what they wish.

Contact info?

Always located at the footer.