credits for EVERYTHING

Buckle up because this is going to be a long one!

The Boring Stuff™

Mozilla Developer Network

It's genuinely undeniable how useful this website is. If you're stuck on w3schools documentation, CHANGE TO THIS NOW! They provide great examples illustrating CSS properties and HTML tags. 10/10


Dead simple accessibility checks on websites. If you're into trying to make stuff as accessible like me, this is the perfect resource for you.


nuthead's Scanline Crusher

If you couldn't tell already, a majority of this site relies on static.gif. A 128x128 gif that's just 8 frames of static. This was made using with a 128x128 black .png, the scanline crusher webpage and...

ezGIF GIF Tools

ezGIF's GIF maker! Nothing much to say. Just some really useful GIF manipulation tools.

OneShot Sprites

These were drawn by the amazingly talented @nightmargin for the game OneShot! (who could've guessed) Although I will add they were happily ripped by the contributors of The Spriters Resource.


Thank you to the contributors of for making the the non-binary pride one! 'ppreciate it.


Ubuntu Mono

The font family I use on here. 'Nuff said.


You've seen this font before. I used to use it on my button. Now it's just Ubuntu Mono again.