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2022-10-26 20:41: adventures in rewriting websites (aka hell)

Long time no- okay I can't keep this on for longer, I got distracted from the journal again. Besides that, leading up to today, I've been busy for the last week rewriting this entire website. Why? Because god the CSS was horrible. CSS is horrible in its own right but my CSS was probably worse. While rewriting everything to not be as bad as my old code from 2 months ago is basically the equivalent of hell, it honestly went fine and I'm happy for the end result for both the site itself and the code.

Ignoring the website, I've been doing pretty good at life, school hasn't fucked me over yet, I think it's a good week today. I should use this more but meh, I'll write on it in my own time rather than keep a schedule.

2022-07-24 2:06: some gopher thoughts

Gopher has always been a protocol I've been somewhat interested in. Though I was never (and could never) reach the era where part of the Internet was file sharing through telnet and such, it's something that stuck with me my first time hearing it. No frills navigation, just plain and simple "get your files and get outta here!" (sorry for the analogy, gopher-purists).

While it's undeniable the effect the Web has done for me as a person, sometimes it's fun to look at other sides of the Internet. With Gopher being super bare-bones (WHICH IS A GOOD THING FOR ITS PURPOSE), it's easy to focus more on the content you're making rather than its presentation to the audience among Gopher users, because - guess what - they all look the same!

Got news you write? Date them and it'll sort itself out. Have a book you write? Upload it as your digital library. Making some useful software? Version them and add some complimentary text files. Have pictures to share to the world? A photo folder and a backstory or location in a file won't hurt with it.

I'm not saying that Gopher is COMPLETELY SUPERIOR TO THE WEB because it isn't. It won't rival mediums where styling and presentation is a must, it just plain won't work. But using it with its pros (easy file sharing, simple navigation, super fast) helps show why it's something we shouldn't completely ignore nowadays. Its cons show the webs value. Both have their own reasons to use today and that's great.

Those were some 2AM Gopher thoughts.

2022-07-22 3:12: staying past 3am, day #4

♫ There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation ♫ and most of it has been spent doing absolutely nothing.

Boy. Finishing what I want in this website has been a struggle. And coupled up with the past few day's COMPLETELY HORRIBLE SLEEPING HABITS, it ain't gonna get better.

The looming feeling of not wanting to waste this summer has been going on, well, the whole entire summer. No motivation to write a script, something I used to be somewhat proficient in, even if they were all Scott The Woz copies. Programming projects. General real life stuff.

I have something I somewhat want to show off but like, I'm late and it's tired so... maybe tomorrow? Right me? Right on! 2 months from now!

No positive life quotes today, even if I could be assed putting them in every one. Sorry for the somewhat depressing journal, it's just that I'm not excited to rework the site's CSS and finally remove these godforsaken <br> tags clogging up my HTML. Till then, nerds. Till then.

2022-05-20: s**t, what now?

"Finally, I'm done with a majority of the website. I can finally put whatever I want in it. Now what?"

This exact situation has happened to me a multitude of times. Even pre-NeoCities Josef happened to stumble into this. Thinking of stuff to write is hard. Especially in a situation like this: "behind in school, no new project happening, mentally drained everyday". I kid (mostly), but man is it a bummer working on something for a whole day only for it to lay dead in its tracks with no content.

I suppose you could add more shitpost-esque pages but with blogging/writing being one of the main things I want to setup and write, it leaves an empty feeling deep inside. But alas, we must stick to plastering Alula all over this website. Maybe Calamus was a better option to put here.