josef's neocities zone



I'm Josef. A:
Self-proclaimed "programmer™".
Veni Vidi Vici! achiever.
AutoHotKey addict.
Alula obsessed dumbass.
Uh. I got nothing else.

Welcome to my little zone on the internet made up of 3 years worth of HTML/CSS experience. Sure doesn't look like it. Feel free to send me a message on my Neocities profile page. All* messages appreciated.

* Maybe not all.


Long time no see! I'll keep this one short. Thanks for 10k hits (YES I KNOW THIS HAPPENED LIKE MONTHS AGO), I really appreciate a ton. I started playing with NeoCities way back in January of this year and it's been fun even with the multiple hiatuses I've been on. Hopefully the new coding revamp doesn't break a lot of stuff, otherwise keep on being cool nerds.