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  1. the point on the Earth's surface at 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude
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Welcome to null island. This is basically the more "stylized" side of my website. Call it generic or something with all the Windows 98 looking sections, I don't really care.

Feel free to explore around this single page or come back where you came from or in case you just got lost, you can leave from the link in the header.

Light bulb and clover

about the webmaster

Hi, I'm Josef. I run null island which is basically my little thought dump. Everything disorganized inside their own little window. Probably an accesibility nightmare.

I wasn't really a big fan of this type of aesthetic but as I continued developing this little space, I slowly grew an appreciation for the looks it has.

I don't have any memories of the old web, but instead have a newfound personal interest in the small but vocal community its created like the Yesterweb. I hope you enjoy my zone of the internet, whether you've been on here for 30 years or have just been introduced to this world of webpages. Have fun. ;)


Uncensored swearing ahead. Read at your own discretion.

The web has changed. We know that. Many good things have come up! Like social media that aims to connect more people to each other such as Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! Snapchat! And many other services. Unfortunately, many bad things have come up. Like social media. Such as Facebook... Twitter... Instagram..., look you get the point. These services are incredible privacy nightmares, shit for personal expression, and are typically mentally damaging, among other problems.

Broken heart

I've lived with social media. It's made me who I am today. It's showed me friends I never I thought I would be with without it. But sometimes, you really just need to take a big look at it and think "Wow. This fucking sucks."

And let's be honest... who doesn't want their own personal zone on the internet. Not me.

NeoCities has really been an eye-opening experience to be in. I'm not limited to incredibly dull and samey blog sites I've seen a million times. I have the power to interact with a community with the same aim as me. Express as much of yourself on a webpage. Albeit time consuming by manually typing out HTML and CSS in your text editor, I would happily give up my time instead of dealing with another minimalist design page.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk about my views on the current web.

Start building instead of scrolling. Join the NeoCities side.


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